Apple showed how HomePod understands voice commands One of the key features of the “smart” column HomePod is the voice assistant Siri.

Knowing that the user will use an assistant in less than ideal acoustic conditions, Apple engineers had taught the column to highlight the voice in the background of a General background sound.

How this happens, Apple said in a separate big material, placing it on the official website.

The essence of the separation of voice from background noise is to use machine learning technology. Especially for this processor A8 was laid several algorithms for the forced cleaning.

Column captures the original sound, and then imposes on him a special filter mask. There are options for sound cleaning in rooms with high reverberation (spacious halls, furniture) in rooms where there is an effect of “white noise” (e.g. from the shower or bath). Siri is able to process commands written in terms of the loud music or when speaking to groups of people.

The assurance of the engineers in the processing of voice commands used for no more than 15% of the CPU, which positively affects the efficiency of the gadget.

On the Apple website has detailed examples of recording without the use of the algorithm. The difference is impressive.

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