On the official YouTube channel, Apple has a new video on iPhone X, and its powerful processor. Video called “Unleash”.

Apple always precisely and accurately selects names for its products, even if we are talking about advertising. “Unleash” can be translated as to pull the leash, to give vent to wild and get out of hand.

The video demonstrates the impressive properties of the CPU A11 Bionic, capable of supporting great games, allowing the user to move in augmented reality.

The video shows how a young man successfully passes Vianglory 5V5, due to the fact that his Phone X is equipped with a chipset capable of handling high quality images and dynamically developing plot.

A11 Bionic helps the game go into the real world and seamlessly become part of it.

“Release a more powerful version of yourself” — calls advertising.

This is not the first video dedicated to the flagship Apple 2017. Previously, the Corporation talked about the system of recognition of the user’s Face ID, great portrait mode and a fun Animoji.

Unlike competitors, Apple doesn’t compare their devices with others, and in all its glory reveals their potential.


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