Apple has quietly removed almost the main problem of MacBook Pro 2018, which strongly influenced sales of this model. As you know, is not cheap, to put it mildly, mobile PCs suffered from frequent breakdowns poor quality of the loop matrix, and this problem is not considered in the Apple warranty. In other words, if you buy a MacBook Pro 2018 first samples, then after some time, the plume of the screen you will break down, and all because it is shorter than needed, and easily broken at the bending place.

So, of course, cannot be done, but Apple simply decided to save money and simultaneously guide the services of a dozen or even a hundred customers. Of course, MacBook Pro 2018 in this respect repairable — matrix screen, you can select and change, but it will cost pleasure approximately $ 600 when contacting an authorized service. Much cheaper to buy the matrix on their own and to turn to outsourcing., the more that buy the display can be directly in the online — only need to know the model of your laptop and the year of its release. This, incidentally, applies not only to MacBook Pro 2018, and in General all more or less up laptops.

Matrix not being guilty train

But back to the topic. Portal iFixit, famous for being dismantle to the last screw every new gadget and evaluates its maintainability, reported the hotfix loop matrix in MacBook Pro 2018. New items got plumes longer than just a couple millimeters, but it was enough that he doesn’t grind. However, neither the cost of the laptop, nor his appearance, nor the thickness of the body has not undergone absolutely no changes. New cables are already being installed in models with screens 13 and 15 inches, but not yet reported, will it be possible to replace it with the previously released versions, and whether that record is free, that is a guarantee. In other words, a campaign to replace the screens have not yet started. In short, if you own a MacBook Pro 2018, and on his screen you see is depicted in the picture, you know your laptop from the first batch and, in fact, contains a manufacturing defect.

But in General, the matrix of Apple laptops rarely become the object of scandal — Apple usually installs on its mobile PC high-quality displays, able to work for many years. Most often their replacement becomes necessary as a result of mechanical damage, but not marriage. Unfortunately, this does not apply to other components of the MacBook, these laptops suffer from overheating, which reduced the frequency of their CPU and overall performance, besides Apple has released the third generation of its signature keyboard Butterfly — the first two had so many faults that many users even appealed to the court for compensation for material and moral damages.

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