Apple started selling officially refurbished iPhone 8Спустя a year after the announcement of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, Apple added both models in the Refurbished section.

All the gadgets from this category are restoring to a new state under the full control of Apple. That is, in fact, it is once acquired by a user of the device that had the failure.

When you return to the store under warranty Apple is all-out prevention devices, and they fall into the category restored. Of course, the cost of these iPhones below is new, although devices also come in original box.

Smartphones are changing the housing, the battery included is new accessories, and this iPhone warranty one year. All devices restored of the categories tested.

The cost of iPhone 8 starts at $499 (about 33 thousand rubles), which is $100 off the new smartphone. Big iPhone 8 Plus will cost $599 (about 40 thousand rubles.).

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