Cost of such adapter is not cheap.

Apple started selling the new charger adapter USB C with a power of 18 watts. Using the new charger will allow iPhone owners to charge their smartphones much faster. The greatest effect from a powerful adapter to one of the owners of iPhone 8/X and the newer models that support fast charging.

The same charging adapter with a power of 18 W is supplied with the new 11 – and 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2018. First to get this adapter was only after buying the tablets. But now Apple sells the adapter freely for all comers.

The cost of a more powerful USB power adapter-C is 2 890 rubles. However, for the adapter, you need to purchase a special USB cable-C/Lightning which in the Apple online store sells for 1 790 rubles. It is noteworthy that currently no other manufacturer is not released officially certified cables USB C/Lightning, which would be sold at a reduced price.

Using the battery charger with a capacity of 18 watts, the owners of all iPhone models can significantly speed up charging of smartphones. The increase in charging rate occurs up to two times, even if we are talking about the iPhone without support for fast charging.


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