Apple began to give their employees first Bank card the Apple Card. This was announced by Latvian designer Benjamin Gaskin (Benjamin Geskin), known for the diversion.

He also published via his Twitter account a photo of the card, replacing the source name to his, in order to preserve anonymity. The map provided in the package with a hidden NFC tag, which is required to activate the card.

In order to link the virtual and physical card Apple Card, you will need to bring your smartphone, open the Wallet app, next to NFC.

Apple announced a virtual Apple Card at a press event in March. To start the service, the company cooperates with the Bank Goldman Sachs and Mastercard.

Virtual Apple Card got style interface mobile banking application with transaction history, expenditure categories, and so on. To get started you will need just to register in-app Apple Pay. There is a reference to a particular device on which the card was activated. Also card has a daily Cash cashback Daily. It will accrue daily, every time a user is spending with the card — 2% on all purchases, and from purchases in Apple stores, including online stores is 3%.

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