Waiting for a new party in Russia!

Apple officially started selling refurbished iPhone X in your online store. At the moment iPhone X “As new” went on sale only in some regions.

Officially refurbished iPhone X from memory 64 or 256 GB on sale for $769 (50 thousand rubles) and $899 (59 thousand), respectively. For comparison, the new iPhone X is sold by Apple for $999 and $1149 respectively.

Restored iPhone X seen in the online stores of Apple in USA and UK. In Russia, Apple does not sell the iPhone “As new” at the official online store, so it was on the Apple website to wait for smartphones at the reduced price is not worth it.

However, it is not excluded that in the near future restored iPhone X will be a larger number of authorized Apple retailers in Russia. Today buying an iPhone X “As new” is available only in “Connected” at the following prices:

  • iPhone X 64 GB “As new” — 58 990 rubles.
  • iPhone X 256 GB “Like new” — 68 990 rubles.

The difference in price with the new models range from 7 thousand rubles. Read more about refurbished iPhone you can find in this article.


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