Apple today started to sell the iPhone X. this is now on sale is available only restored model. Their prices start at $ 770 for the model with the drive at 64 GB.

It should be noted that in the fall of last year Apple stopped to sell their “anniversary” flagship smartphone. It was assumed that the cupertinos have taken the step to iPhone X do not compete with the new iPhone Xr.

However, low sales of new vehicles, apparently, forced the company to change its decision. In the end, users are now able to buy refurbished iPhone X with a noticeable discount. Thus, the reduced model with the drive at 64 GB “lost” in the price of $ 130, and the model 128 GB — $ 150. The smartphone is unlocked and can work with any operator.

It should be noted that all the recovered iPhone have a normal warranty, new batteries and case. In the end, users buy the full apparatus with a noticeable discount.


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