Apple received a patent for a foldable display that can be used in smartphones. This was announced by the publication Patently Apple.

In one of the latest patents, Apple describes the technology of a folding screen. To make the display easier to bend, it is proposed to use the screen, consisting of several layers. For example, the inner layer can be made of glass or other transparent material, and the outer will have small holes. The center can be cut, which will allow the screen to bend around the axis.

This Apple patent was registered in the second quarter of 2016, but became aware of it only in July this year. In addition to this patent from Apple, there are other documents which confirm that the company’s engineers are working on a foldable iPhone.

Judging by the latest patent, Apple is reminiscent of foldable smartphones, Microsoft Surface and Samsung Galaxy X, rumors of which go on the network. In addition to these companies, foldable phone create Huawei and Oppo.


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