Apple continues to deal with cross-site tracking of users. In beta versions of iOS 12.2 and 12.1 Safari for macOS High Sierra and Mojave, the Corporation submitted an updated WebKit function of Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP). This step will greatly complicate the work of different trackers that track the movement of users on web-based resources.

Recall that the Intelligent Tracking Prevention was added to WebKit in the summer of 2017. The objective of ITP is to dynamically manage cookies to prevent cross-site tracking and installation of third-party cookies.

After implementing this feature, it turned out that many popular websites use more than 70 trackers that secretly collect information about users.

An updated version of the ITP will block third party cookies. Moreover, the installed cookies will be blocked after 30 days if the user never visited the site with him and did not interact.

And persistent cookies created through the document.the cookie will automatically lock after 7 days.

With the release of ITP 2.1 Apple also get rid of the Do Not Track (DNT), the futility of which has long been proven by experts and time.

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