To do this, they disguised Trojan for the installer is quite popular among users of the MacOS firewall Little Snitch. Inside ordinary on the file to install is runtime Windows-compatible Mono files, and malicious code executing in the container. Thus, regular anti-virus software ignored the threat, because the runtime is taken from the official distribution, and the EXE files, normally only possible in the operating system of Microsoft, by default, are considered not dangerous.

In other words, users who wish to save 50 Euro and you download a pirated version of Little Snitch with the torrent, instead of increasing their safety have received an even greater threat. After the installation of the malicious code analyzed the system and installed software. Based on these data, it then downloads and installs various programs, showing annoying ads. Some of these programs were also disguised as Little Snitch or Adobe’s Flash Media Player.

Apple has not made any comment on the situation. Experts from Trend Micro, who discovered Trojan is described, suggest that it may be “the first swallow” much more dangerous computer viruses. Typically applications written for Windows cannot run in the MacOS environment, but there are tools to circumvent this limitation. So is the Mono framework — a software framework open source, creating a complete environment of libraries and protocols necessary for the execution of. EXE files. It is used by a significant proportion of owners of Apple computers because of the wide popularity of Windows and a large number deportirovannykh software.

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