All due to the fall of the ruble.

After the presentation of the iPhone Xs, Max Xs iPhone, iPhone Xr and Apple Watch Series 4 , Apple has updated its official website. In addition to the appearance in the online Apple store for new devices, happened one very unpleasant change. Apple increased the cost of wireless headphones AirPods.

To the presentation of Apple on September 12 AirPods headphones sold for 11 990 rubles. This price headphones kept during the year, after a nice cost reduction last fall. Many hoped that after the presentation of the new iPhone price AirPods will be reduced even further, but the opposite has happened.

Apple raised the price of AirPods in Russia to 13 490 rubles. The price increase amounted to just 1 500 rubles. The increase in the cost of headphones in 2018 began to use especially popular in Russia, due to the fall of the ruble.

Note that due to the weak ruble for the Russian market set higher prices for the new iPhone Xs iPhone Xs iPhone Max and Xr. For example, the iPhone Xs in its basic configuration is estimated at 87 990 rubles, although the price in USA is $999. Year ago iPhone X, for the same price $999 went on sale in Russia are significantly cheaper — for 79 990 rubles.

Do not want to buy AirPods at an inflated price? And do not need! We launched a competition in our group in “Vkontakte”, which played just the same new AirPods!


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