Today the owners of Apple mobile devices have begun to complain about the lock Apple ID accounts. While Apple are yet to name the cause of the locks. The only thing that pleases is that the accounts can be restored, by sending answers to code questions.

When you lock your Apple ID account owners of Apple devices are denied access to many of the Apple services. We are talking about iMessage, iCloud and Apple Music. Judging by the reviews, if you restore account access cupertinos often require to change the password.

As mentioned above, Apple representatives had no immediate comment on the situation. While in the network there are two main theories. According to one version, the lock Apple ID is associated with some internal problems on the side of the Apple and user accounts are in no danger. However, according to another version of the lock associated with the actions of hackers trying to find passwords to accounts by the method of brute force, which triggered an automatic security system.

At the moment it is unknown exactly how many Apple device owners are faced with blocking Apple ID. However, judging by the reviews, a similar problem is observed in different parts of the globe.


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