According to plaintiff, in the fall of 2016 exploded not only Li-ion batteries Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Two years ago a man from southern California got a serious burn for the iPhone 6S, reports Cult of Mac.

Robert Porti, the victim of the iPhone 6S, reports that charged smartphone just before th incident. Then the battery of the gadget has heated up, he felt a strong fever, and his clothes began to crack. The resulting burns were so strong that the arriving ambulance had to carry Robert to the burn center in a nearby state.

Two years later, he sued not just for Apple, but for an insurance company, which was insured exploding gadget. He received this unit as a replacement for the previous iPhone 6S, when the last one stopped working properly.

According to Robert, both companies should have known about the risk of occurrence of problems with batteries of smartphones. The plaintiff also believes that Apple should add to iPhone warning that the device is heated above the permissible limits.

Unlike battery problems Samsung Galaxy Note 7, problems with iPhone 6S were not of mass character. At the moment we know only two cases of ignition of the battery of this model of Apple smartphone, including the claim Spoil. The second smoke was recorded by camera video surveillance during the repair at the service center.


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