From time to time disgruntled users submit to Apple in court. A few days ago it became known that the owners of the iMac and MacBook decided to file a collective lawsuit against the manufacturer of Apple devices. The reason for this was poor quality seal, which under the computer display collects dust.

It is worth noting that users have long complained about the dust that collects under the display iMac and MacBook. Previously, this problem most often encountered by the owners of Apple computers. However, after the release of the slim iMac in 2012 the number of complaints is greatly reduced.

But as it turned out, the problem was never completely solved. According to available data, the dust under the screen can accumulate in a variety of models of Apple computers. This problem complain as the owners of the iMac and MacBook 2013, and users of the latest MacBook released this year.

It is noteworthy that the cupertinos not recognize the existence of a problem and for clearing the screen from dust asking about $ 600. In fact, the reluctance of Apple to rectify the situation, and led to the fact that users decided to sue the company in court.


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