Customs duty for Apple the Apple Watch will be returned with interest.

The court ordered the Sheremetyevo customs to pay the Russian daughter the Apple of the company “eppl Rus” of 147.2 million rubles. The court ruled that customs incorrectly recognized smart watch Apple Watch, ordinary watch and wrongfully took with Apple customs duty.

In 2015, when Apple released their first smart watch Apple Watch, Sheremetyevo customs regarded the device as a normal wrist watch. The customs rate for the import of ordinary hours is 10%, while for portable digital devices, customs duty no.

Apple has repeatedly sued the Sheremetyevo customs trying to prove that the Apple Watch is a simple clock. In September 2017 the company managed to achieve recognition of the Apple Watch device to transfer data. However, customs did not want to return the money that were collected from Apple in fees in a year and a half. And Apple had to sue.

Today Arbitration court of the Moscow region ordered the Sheremetyevo customs to pay previously collected customs duties of Apple. Customs will have to pay for 42,9 million roubles excessive customs duties and 104,1 million rubles as interest.

Source: RNS.


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