Leader in the number of sales remained Huawei.

Russian retailers said sales of smartphones in Russia. According to the published statistics, Apple has once again become the Russian market leader in sales of smartphones. The company was ahead of Huawei and Samsung, which are located on the second and third places respectively.

Apple continues to be the most successful smartphone manufacturer in Russia. In October 2018 the share of the iPhone accounted for 37.7% of the total smartphone market profits. In second place for the first time took the Chinese company Huawei — its share is equal to 24.4 percent. Next comes the lost second place Samsung with a share of 23.3%.

While the number of smartphones sold by the leader is still Huawei. Taking the lead in the Russian market in June, Huawei did not give it. It is reported that the share of smartphones Huawei Honor and of the total number of smartphones sold in Russia in October amounted to 31%. On the second place by number of smartphones sold is a Samsung, Apple rounded out the top three.

Thus, as before, Apple sells fewer smartphones than the competition but gets for selling them much more profit. Representatives of retailers underlined that the profit of Apple from smartphone sales rose sharply in October after the start of sales iPhone XS and XS Max iPhone.

Source: Statements.


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