Apple has shared four short spots promoting Apple Pay in Cash – a service to transfer money to friends, family and others via iMessage.

15-second videos are part of a new series of ads Just text them the money – “Just mail money to them.” As follows from the content, speed and ease of use are the main features of the service.

Each video shows the conversation in real time with habitual users of iOS and Mac blue and gray bubble of text that appears on the screen. Interestingly, the is no background music, only the notification sounds.

Just text them the money

The first ad demonstrates how roommates can send each other money to cover the rent.

The second shows how a mother sends her child money for food after taking a photo of an empty refrigerator.

Third, the correspondence of two friends, the first of which received a discount on the tickets for the match. He named a price and iOS itself recognized, allowing the second to send money at the click of a button.

Finally, a fourth ad emphasizes more advanced Apple Pay Cash – it allows users to request money. In the video, the user loses borrowed from a friend’s shirt and tries to compensate for the cost of 15 dollars. The goods is actually worth $ 160, so the owner sends a request for $ 145, which can be translated just by clicking “Pay”.

Apple Pay Cash

First Apple Pay Cash was presented together with iOS 11 in September last year. So far, the function only works in the US, but like Apple Pay may soon appear in other countries.


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