Some time ago the authors of the publication Laptop Mag did a little research. Their main objective was to evaluate the quality of the technical support of major IT companies. All the authors of Laptop Mag talked to more than 10 support services and made a rating.

For purity of experiment journalists behave as normal users, asking different questions. In the case of tech support, Apple Laptop Mag, the authors were interested in the details of the Dark Mode, disable automatic updates and the ability to disable the webcam. In the end, support the Apple company showed the best result. The authors Laptop Mag put her 91 points out of 100.

According to the journalists, Apple employees answering questions quickly and clearly. While the instructions were sufficiently detailed and not a template. This is particularly evident in the case of the question about the webcam. Support worker described the whole process and offered several options.

As for other large companies, the authors Laptop Mag also noted the technical support Razer. They put her 88 points out of 100. Also quite high the result was and Dell support. However, judging by the reviews, not all users agree with this assessment.


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