Apple recently added their laptops fingerprint scanner. However, sources claim that the cupertinos are already preparing to take the next step and implement in the MacBook and Mac face scanner. This was announced by Indian insider Ishan Agarwal (Agarwal Ishan), which often publishes trustworthy information.

Agarwal noted that Apple has been testing a number of computers with support for face recognition and touch screens. However, we are not talking about pre-release samples, and some prototypes and there’s a chance that they never will go beyond the closed test laboratories.

Alas, until that all the available information. Agarwal has not shared any exemplary technical specifications or any other details associated with the new prototypes. Earlier in the network already appeared information about the fact that Apple may release a MacBook or MacBook Pro with the scanner Face ID. It was assumed that this will not happen before 2020.

As for touch screens in the past Apple representatives have repeatedly expressed reluctance to release a Mac or MacBook with a touchscreen. Its position cupertinos motivated is very simple: such devices are not very convenient to use.


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