Will have to wait.

Apple has postponed the release of iOS 12.1.4 with fixed critical bug in FaceTime, which allows you to listen to iPhone users. The company said in a formal apology to customers.

When Apple only has detected an error in the function group calls on FaceTime, the company promised to release a fix before the end of the week. Given that the bug was found on Monday, January 28, the output of the correction really seemed real.

However, the process of developing iOS 12.1.4 working group calls on FaceTime did not go according to plan. Today, the company officially apologized to the customers for the bug and said that the update that FaceTime again fully operational, will be released only next week.

Thus, iOS 12.1.4 will be released next week. We expect that iOS 12.1.4 will be available to users Monday, February 4. Will the iOS 12.1.4 any other changes at the moment unknown.

Source: MR.


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