Against the background of falling value of Apple stock and are constantly appearing on the web messages about low sales figures of new iPhone, cupertinos launched an aggressive marketing campaign, which should encourage users to buy more new smartphones.

First to feel it’s the American consumers. Cupertinos has launched a new Trade-in program, giving US users the ability to turn your old iPhone and get a decent discount on the iPhone iPhone XS and XR. However, until recently, the cupertinos have not held such stock for new models.

Along with this Apple also launched several advertising campaigns. In particular, the rollers are actively moved in all Apple stores (Genius Bar section), and the App Store was a whole article dedicated to iPhone XR. And the post was only to owners of older iPhone models.

But that’s not all. The cupertinos began sending Push notifications to all owners of the old iPhone with the offer to upgrade to the iPhone XS iPhone or XR – what is most interesting, getting job offers, even those who have not installed the Apple Store app.

In fact, such aggressive advertising, the company confirms all the rumors that the new items are not sold too well. Judging by the reviews, many refuse to buy iPhone iPhone XS and XR in the first place because of the high prices. So instead of investments in advertising Apple could have just a little to reduce prices and it would be greatly spurred sales of new vehicles.


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