It is no secret that Apple is actively buying promising startups and companies. The cupertinos prefer not to comment on such a purchase. For this reason, many deals remain secret, or they are reported with a long delay. The other day Tim cook is a little bit lifted the veil, describing how often Apple makes such large purchases.

In an interview with CNBC, Apple CEO said that over the past six months they have acquired more than two dozen companies and startups. While Tim cook did not share any details – the names and scope of companies remained unknown.

According to the head of Apple, a contract for the purchase are approximately every two to three weeks. Thus, it is possible to say that during the year the iPhone maker acquires not less than 15-20 companies. But this year “the pace” is slightly higher.

In conversation with journalists of CNBC, Tim cook said that the purchase of the next startup or company they’re paying attention primarily on intellectual property and talented developers.


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