Nice discount on a great pair of headphones.

Suddenly Apple has pleased its customers worldwide, reducing the cost of wireless headphones BeatsX in your online store. Discount headphones were made for Russia — it was 2 300 rubles. Now BeatsX can be purchased for 9 690 rubles.

Apple reduced the price BeatsX from 11 990 rubles up to 9 690 rubles. The discount was $ 2 300 rubles. To Apple such a sudden decline in prices is not the usual solution, so the discount associated with the possible release of a new headphone at a company presentation in October.

BeatsX have excellent sound, operation time without recharging up to 8 hours and a unique charging system Fast Fuel that allows for 5 minutes to charge the headset for another 2 hours of music playback.

One of the key features BeatsX is the Apple chip W1. It makes it possible to just plug headphones for all Apple devices. For this users don’t even need to go into Bluetooth settings, you just bring the headphones to the connected device. The same chip W1 is installed in the AirPods.

Source: Apple.


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