One new model a year is not enough?

Apple needs to start releasing more smartphones in order to quickly adapt to changes in the industry, according to former top managers of Apple, interviewed by The Wall Street Journal. According to ex-Apple employees, only releasing iPhone more often, the company will maintain market leadership and to succeed in its key market of China.

Former top executives of Apple indicated that the main causes of the demand for iPhone is slow adaptation to the trends and needs of consumers. According to the former Director of Apple retail in Asia Carl Smith, the company is often late with their decisions.

So, Apple took a few years to create the iPhone with two SIM-cards, which are especially very popular in China. At the same time, Chinese companies Huawei and Xiaomi almost every month stamped new smartphones, which, of course, was the right consumers function. As a result, many users switched to smartphones, local manufacturers, and Apple lost its leadership position in China.

A similar view is shared by Veronica Wu, which was engaged in the sales of Apple technology in China. She said that Apple executives did not listen to the advice about the necessity of in iPhone those or other functions, is gaining popularity.

Both ex-Apple employees believe that the company has the chance to rectify the situation, starting to produce more smartphones. So Apple will be able to respond more quickly to changing technology trends and provide customers with the most advanced solutions. In addition, the Apple will turn out to impose greater competition to other manufacturers who release their new smartphone much more often.

Source: WSJ.


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