Another questionable lawsuit.

A new class action lawsuit filed against Apple. At this time, plaintiffs from California were dissatisfied with the system of two-factor authentication, which is proposed to be changed or deleted. Plaintiffs do not like the fact that the system of two-factor authentication Apple ID on iPhone, iPad and other devices cannot be disabled two weeks after activation. In addition, the plaintiffs complain that the authorization process takes too much time.

The plaintiffs argue that the authorization process using two-factor authentication takes a very long time. The petition stresses that the need to enter a password from another device or email “can result in economic losses to users”. The document notes that obtaining and entering the code in some cases, up to five minutes.

The plaintiffs also complain about the inability to disable two-factor authentication after two weeks after inclusion. Apple silently introduced this innovation in 2018, thereby increasing the safety of the users.

The plaintiffs demand that Apple’s payment of a large fine and a ban or complete processing of two-factor authentication system. Many users of Apple devices drew attention to a new claim and expressed concern that this lawsuit could decrease their safety.

Source: MR.


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