Analysts are already not the first year indicate that Apple may abandon Intel and their ultrabooks translate the a-series chips built on the ARM architecture. While such predictions are not confirmed, however, judging from the patent portfolio, some thoughts in this direction at kupertinovtsy is.

In one of Apple’s patents described an unusual portable device, the distinguishing feature of which is that its main computing module will be a smartphone. In fact, the ultrabook will serve as a kind of docking station with screen, keyboard and possibly an additional battery.

The smartphone, which should be located in place of conventional touchpad, to perform the functions of the computing center and additional control. To implement this concept, the cupertinos have to radically Refine its mobile operating system.

It is worth noting that the idea of using the smartphone as the “heart” laptop is not new. One of the last such concept was proposed to use a Razer, submitted last year during the CES 2018 project name Project Linda. In addition, the description of similar devices is in patent portfolio to Apple. However, while the cupertinos and decided not to implement anything like that.


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