Apple continues to enhance its patent portfolio. Recently it became known that the cupertinos have patented a new system that can be used in Apple laptops. It will track the position of the user’s hands and automatically activate the keyboard backlight and not let the MacBook to switch to the sleep mode.

If we describe a new development in a nutshell, the Apple engineers propose to integrate the fingerprint sensor in Apple Watch laptop. According to the authors of the patent, the contact surface will be located near the trackpad.

It is noteworthy that in addition to tracking your periods of activity of the user, the new sensors will be able to monitor other indicators. For example, with their help the owners of Apple laptops will be able to measure pulse, breathing rate, and blood pressure. It is difficult to say how exactly you can use these data. But it is possible they will automatically be forwarded to the Health app and be used to complement the overall picture – closing the “gaps” between phases of sleep and physical activity.

As usual, don’t have any specific information as to when exactly Apple will implement described in the patent idea into a serial device.


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