Edition ZDNet citing informed sources, said the desire of Apple and Google to develop a new standard disposable SMS messages that will be used for two-factor authentication on sites.

The idea will be that SMS for two-factor authentication used today. However, the developers are confident that the current solution has one drawback – the message is the URL of the site or the service. Thanks to this simple addition users will be able to easily find out where the message came.

If a new format is created, then this service SMS will be:

747723 WEBSITE is your authentication code.
@website.com #747723

In this second part of the message serves to ensure that websites and services could substitute authorization codes in the appropriate field. The developers believe that this will help further increase the security level.

According to sources ZDNet, Apple and Google have already reached some agreement on a new standard SMS. It is possible that soon this initiative will join other browser developers. In particular, the authors of Mozilla Firefox.


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