Today, users have a variety of cases for iPhone. But regardless of the accessory they change the tactile feel of using an iPhone. Apple wants to regain at least part of tactile sensations. A special mechanism is already described in one of the company’s patents.

The document describes the special tiny magnets that must be placed between the grooves of the cover under the keys, and physical buttons. Clicking on the cover, which is located under the key, the magnet will influence the power button and volume rocker, making a pleasant click. Thus, cupertinos want to return to the users the feeling that they use a smartphone without a case.

Such patent demonstrates that Apple is trying to pay attention to detail. It is worth noting that the cupertinos is not the first company that tries to keep track of different things. In particular, manufacturers of premium cars for a long time customize even the sound of slamming doors.

It is difficult to say whether the dare Apple to create a case, described in the patent feature. It is possible that serial accessories, such idea will never be realized.


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