Some time ago Apple filed in the Office of patents and brands torgovyh U.S. patent application, which describes the system plug-ins for the Apple Watch. Thus, cupertinos want to expand the capabilities of their smart watches.

In the description of the patent States that now the set of available functions is determined by the available components, which are fitted in the device. However, due to the dimensions and other constraints to infinitely extend the capabilities of the gadget is impossible. In addition, each user device poses a different problem. Others prefer the option of monitoring the physical condition, some autonomy etc.

The problem can be solved by using plug-in modules that allow users to change the functionality of the device. According to the authors of the patent such replacement components can add to the clock sensors, battery, external ports, controllers, etc.

It is worth noting that the idea is not new. In the past smartphone manufacturers even tried to create similar gadgets. Apple has also deliberated over the external modules to their devices. For example, in the patent portfolio Apple company there are several papers describing the functional replacement bracelets for the Apple Watch. However, none of these ideas were never implemented in serial devices.


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