For many years the owners of Apple mobile devices complain that the iPhone can be deactivated at low temperatures. Previously, third-party manufacturers have even released a special “warm” cases for Apple’s smartphone. However, as it became known, in Cupertino are considering more radical solutions to this problem.

According to one of the patents Apple company, engineers are considering the possibility of creating a battery that will not respond to the external environment. A new type of battery needs to prevent spontaneous disconnection of the devices. The system can be used not only in iPhone but also other devices from the iPad to the MacBook.

The main difficulty when creating “stress” of the battery is its size. With reduce the dimensions of the battery it is worse opposed to external factors. However, the engineers at Cupertino have found a possible solution to this problem.

To increase the “stress” the battery experts suggest to add to design an insulator for preventing a short circuit. The latter may occur not only due to the small deformations of the body and when wet or during strong temperature changes.

As usual, no information about when described in a patent application the idea will be implemented in the serial devices from Apple, not now.


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