Only recently Apple released updated AirPods system shumopodavleniya. However, the cupertinos are already considering different ways of improving their wireless headphones. Recently it became known that the company filed with the Office of patents and trademarks USA a new application, which describes a pressure sensor for AirPods.

According to the information in the patent application, the pressure sensor will eliminate about the headset is turned on. The sensor will track the difference between the pressures outside and inside the ear canal. When reaching a certain, pre-specified values headphones will connect wirelessly with your smartphone and start playing music.

Apple engineers say that potentially the new sensor will work much more precisely the accelerometer and optical sensor, which in turn will lead to a significant reduction in accidental activations AirPods and as a result will not waste your battery on unnecessary actions.

As usual, no specific information regarding timing are described in the patent application ideas are not. From time to time cupertinos get different patents. However, only a small portion of them are eventually used in serial devices.


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