Apple have long been not updated their corporate manipulator. However, if judged according to the latest some thoughts on how to improve Magic Mouse, the cupertinos have. One of the possible options is described in a new patent application by Apple.

Engineers propose to create a mouse with variable geometry of the housing. Thus, the manipulator can adapt to hands of different size and different grip type. This cupertinos want to integrate into the mouse special electric actuators that will raise and lower the upper part of the arm and also change its width.

In order to prevent occurrence of cracks while changing the shape of the hull, the engineers propose to use a slightly different approach to the creation of the Magic Mouse. In particular, in case future Apple mouse may consist of overlapping elements.

As usual, the network is now there is no specific information as to when Apple may begin to implement described in the patent the idea. The patent portfolio of Apple company, there are many interesting developments. However, many of them never come in serial devices.


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