IPhone Xr the company decided to abandon not only the use of OLED display, but the technology of 3D Touch. Replaced last in system called Haptic Touch, which does not respond to strong and long press on the display. However the new system works with some restrictions. But according to the latest data, the cupertinos are planning to significantly modify Haptic Touch, extending the functionality of the technology.

Now by replacing the 3D Touch iPhone Xr can activate the camera on the lock display or open an additional menu. However, in the future Apple wants to expand the possibilities of Haptic Touch. In particular, the developers of Cupertino can make this system compatible with many applications.

This, alas, available details and end. However, the authors of the publication The Verge claim that the work on Haptic Touch continues. The ability of this system should be extended in a future iOS updates. The timing of release is not specified. The only thing we know is that Apple has no plans to rush.

Recall that a 6.1-inch smartphone will be available on store shelves tomorrow. According to preliminary data, the demand for iPhone Xr was not too high. However, despite this, users still quickly sold out the first batch of this phone. For example, when ordering Xr for iPhone in the Russian Apple Online Store cupertinos promise to deliver przekazanie smartphone only 3-5 days.


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