According to one of Apple’s patents, the cupertinos are planning to change the form factor of its smart watch. In particular, the company wants to significantly increase the size of the display of the Apple Watch.

As planned by engineers, the Apple Watch, a new generation can get a curved display which will go beyond the body and go to the strap. On the one hand, this design does not allow to quickly change the straps, but on the other – will significantly enhance and extend the capabilities of smart watches.

In the implementation of similar ideas Apple may help the Micro LED technology. According to rumors, the cupertinos are now busy experimenting with screens of this type. However, whether they are successful is unknown. Earlier in the network even appeared information that Apple decided to roll all of the studies in this direction. But then sources reported about the resumption of work.

It should be noted that this is not the first patent, which describes different ways of improving the Apple Watch. In the past Apple has already patented multi-function straps, bracelets with additional indicators and additional sensors for hours. However, no such idea has not been implemented in serial devices.


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