TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has shared some details on Apple smartphones that will be released next year. According to the expert, the cupertinos will equip the new iPhone with a fingerprint scanner built into the side button.

Recall that the cupertinos refused Touch ID a few years ago, releasing iPhone X. “Jubilee” iPhone first received the scanner Face ID. Apple representatives noted that the face scanner provides higher level of security. However, in the last year, some analysts began to report the desire Apple company to go back to the Touch ID.

At the moment in the network there are two different versions regarding the fingerprint scanner in the iPhone. Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Apple will not abandon the face scanner, and it will add Touch ID. This will improve security and will affect the experience of using Apple smartphones.

In another version of Touch ID appears only in the budget iPhone, which will not have a scanner Face ID.


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