A good initiative from Apple, but so far only for the USA.

Apple intends to make a smart watch Apple Watch is more accessible for people older than 65 years. To do this, the company is in talks with three organizations that are participants in the national health insurance program in the United States Medicare. According to sources, Apple has only one goal — to make a smart watch with many useful functions for health cheaper for the elderly.

According to insiders, Apple plans to offer discounts for elderly people with Medicare who cannot afford to purchase the device. Apple executives have an interest in providing elderly people discounts on the latest smart watch Apple Watch Series 4 to quickly measure the ECG.

At the moment only knows about the plans to provide such discounts in the United States. However, it is possible that in the future Apple will expand the effect of the subsidy programmes in other countries.

Sources said that while Apple only talks with health organizations, calculating the most appropriate size of the discount on the Apple Watch for older people. What kind of discount is it is not specified.

Source: CNBC.


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