In the past, the voice assistant Apple has repeatedly been criticized. Perhaps for this reason, in iOS 12 cupertinos tried to extend its power. However, judging by recent patent applications by Apple, the company not only to expand Siri’s capabilities, but also make the assistant more Autonomous.

In one of the patent applications that cupertinos filed in the Office of patents and trademarks USA, describes a number of mechanisms that could help Siri work without an Internet connection. To do this, Apple engineers propose to transfer all the key modules necessary to operate the voice assistant on mobile device.

Thus, in the future, in iOS can be entire units that will be responsible for the processing of speech and text, speech synthesis, etc. are on the complete transfer of all of the capabilities of Siri on the mobile device. Offline voice dictation will have a somewhat reduced number of functions. For example, with its help, users are able to set the timer to activate the player, etc. To perform more complex queries will need to be connected to the network.

Now in the network there is no specific information as to when Apple plans to implement described in the patent the idea. It is not excluded that work on offline version of Siri is already underway.


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