The company has everything necessary for that.

Apple is exploring the possibility of turning the iPhone into even more important to the user device. The company has patented curseswindow transmission technology, allowing iPhone owners to confirm their identity using a smartphone. The patent describes that an iPhone new Apple technology could substitute for a passport, driving licence and other documents.

As planned by Apple, iPhone owners will be able to transmit data about the passport, driver license and other documents via a secure channel using NFC or RFID. Using similar technology implemented payment system Apple Pay, which is renowned for its safety and reliability.

Additional protection of user data will provide a scan of the face ID. At the moment it is only available in iPhone X, but in the autumn of 2018 Apple will release iPhone 9, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Plus and iPad Pro 2018 that support Face ID. Recognize the function as protected and do not have a full-fledged counterparts.

Apple received a patent fairly quickly — within four months. This is not the typical target for the company the speed of obtaining a patent may indicate that Apple has plans to implement the technology in the iPhone in the foreseeable future.



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