Apple wants to save money on MacBook production by the Chinese postavshikami already heard that Apple is planning to release a new 13-inch MacBook Air in the housing, but with Retina display.

It seems that this is supported by the information sources DigiTimes.

According to the publication, Apple quietly switch from Taiwanese suppliers in Chinese. They will produce housing for new laptops.

Company Shenzhen Everwin Precision Technology and AAC Technologies have been certified by Apple back in 2017 and have started to supply complete set, in small quantities this year.

While the company will focus on Taiwanese suppliers, Catcher Technology, Foxconn Technology and Casetek Holdings. But with time of the orders will be transmitted to newcomers.

This is expected to contribute to the cheapening of production and the cost of those MacBook. And also allow lower prices from Taiwan suppliers on the competition.


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