The network continues to receive new information about the services that Apple is expected to launch in the near future. In particular, the cupertinos have finished preparing an updated news service with a subscription that was created based on the platform Texture.

Sources say that Apple has put forward quite stringent conditions of cooperation. For example, Apple company wants to get 50% of earnings of partners. For comparison with other services “Commission” Apple is much lower in the App Store it is from 15 to 30%, and Apple Music 30%.

Initially, many network sources doubted that publishers would agree to such conditions. However, if you believe recent reports, Apple is able to sign contracts with many Newspapers, magazines, and online media. Besides, it is impossible to exclude the fact that for large “players” cupertinos could include special conditions.

Sources also say that Apple will get a 50 percent “Commission” only from the cost of the subscription in your service. Publishers will retain 100% of all revenue received from advertising, which uses their brands.


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