Recently it became known that in the patent portfolio Apple has a new document that describes a very ambitious idea. Engineers from Cupertino propose to integrate all proprietary devices special modules wireless charging. Thanks to the latest gadgets will be able to charge each other in the distance.

According to available data, the basis of the new charging mechanism needs to go the conventional inductive coils, which will make and give the charge. To control this process will be a special controller. Users will be able to enable and disable the function of automatic transmission of energy between the devices.

It is noteworthy that the engineers even came up with the approximate location of the charging coils in different devices. For example, in the MacBook they can be placed under the touchpad and on the sides of it, and the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch under the screen.

It should be noted that in the patent portfolio of Apple already have similar patents. For example, a few years ago cupertinos patented technology, which should allow you to charge all devices within a radius of one meter.


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