But the company didn’t pay it proper attention.

On 29 January it became clear that the group calls on FaceTime on the iPhone and iPad has a critical bugthat allows you to spy on users. As it turned out, first-time users drew attention to the defect for more than a week ago. However, Apple employees apparently did not give the message of great value.

A Twitter user with the nickname MGT7500 published a letter in support of Apple with a message about Baga FaceTime, dated 22 Jan. In the letter the woman said that the problem quite by accident managed to find her son. In response, staff support, Apple announced that in the attached screenshots can not see what the problem is.

The woman also noted that he first warned Apple about the bug 20 January. She did it via Twitter, writing an appeal to accounts of official support for Apple and Tim cook. These messages went unnoticed.

One of many emails sent to Apple 1 week ago attempting to report the Group FaceTime bug. @cnbc @cnn @foxnews @9to5mac pic.twitter.com/l9IFMZmKh6

— MGT7 (@MGT7500) January 29, 2019

Also, the woman admitted that she wanted to get money from Apple under the reward program for finding errors. But due to the fact that official confirmation of the discovery of the problem from the Apple she never got any compensation paid to her was not.

Note that Apple has remotely blocked the function group calls on FaceTime on all iPhone and iPad worldwide after the problem of confidentiality. At the moment this function is unavailable for use. Apple promised to release a firmware fix this week.

Source: MR.


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