Apple was accused of using unauthorized analytical services. It turned out that the number of apps for iPhone secretly records information from a smartphone screen, sends it to third parties for analysis. Based on these data is created, in particular, targeted advertising, writes TechCrunch. All information is collected without notice and is transmitted to a third-party server for further analysis. Its collection of applications use the service Glassbox, which allows you to record all user actions and then replay them to detect defects or errors in the code. The purpose of such spying is to gather statistics and to analyze user behavior, and then to use these data for targeting ads, promote new services and improve existing services. However, experts note that if such an application becomes the victim of a hacker attack, the attacker will automatically have access to user data, including names, passwords and Bank card information. The number of companies that have been convicted of data collection, called fashion brands Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister, Air Canada and Singapore Airlines, as well as and Expedia. Earlier in the surveillance of users accused Google and social networks Facebook and Instagram. Experts claimed that Google keep track of user’s movement, even if the privacy settings is a ban on the save history location. A social network for collecting information and uses it for targeted ads through word-of triggers.

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