The guarantee is not lost, but there are nuances.

As we talked yesterday, February 28, 2019 service centers Apple began to provide the iPhone with aftermarket batteries. Today new details have become known of this unexpected and pleasant innovations of Apple.

Change the battery, non-original? Warranty is not lost

In an internal document Apple sent to service centers around the world, spoken about some important features of the new rules of fixation.

First, in the beginning of the document, Apple said that if the iPhone is installed non-original battery, users are still entitled to warranty service.

If damage to iPhone caused by non-original battery, then customers will be available only to paid repair. If specialist Apple service center determines that the problem is not the battery, the customer service will run under the same rules as in the case of the iPhone with the original battery.

Secondly, when Troubleshooting iPhone the service centre will determine what battery pack is installed in the smartphone is original or not. If the iPhone is non-original battery, which the article Apple is also called a fake, an expert will warn the customer about this. The information may be useful to the user, for example, if the previous service center it says that its iPhone will be installed the original battery.

And third, Apple notes that if the iPhone repair with non-original battery fails, the clients will be asked to pay for repairs out of warranty service. Such a case may occur if the battery is varied non-professional craftsmen and were installed with violations.

Source: 9to5Mac.


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