According to the publication Reuters, the Italian antitrust Committee fined Apple by 11.4 million euros for slowing down older iPhone models as well as untimely and incorrect information to users.

The regulator says that with each new software update cupertinos pushed users to change your old smartphone for a newer model, as the device started to work a little slower.

It is noteworthy that the Italian antitrust regulator fined Apple not only for the fact of slowing down the older models, but also because the company delayed and not started to inform customers about the correct use of batteries.

Recall that the rumors about the slowing of Apple’s smartphone went for a long time. However, officially Apple has acknowledged the presence of special software mechanisms operating on the old iPhone, only in December 2017. Cupertinos claimed that they did not push users to the replacement devices. Special mechanisms were introduced in order to prevent sudden disconnection of smartphone from run down batteries.


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