At the moment Apple is not only the most valuable company in the world. It also produces some of the most popular on the market of mobile devices. However, all these high-profile titles don’t make Apple more attractive to applicants. At least, to such conclusion analysts of the Morning Consult, making your ranking of most desired employers in the United States.

Experts say that at the moment, many applicants from the United States would like first of all to get a job in companies such as Amazon, Google or Microsoft. In addition to them the five most desirable employers got Walt Disney and Hershey. The latter company is one of the largest confectionery manufacturers globally and the largest producer of chocolate bars in the United States.

As for Apple, in the core list, compiled by specialists of the Morning Consult, the company has not got. However, analysts should prepare another rating. It reflects the sentiments of College graduates. According to the study, young professionals are not only willing, but want to work at Apple – such answer was given by more than 60% of the graduates. However, it is still not allowed cupertinos to enter even in the top three most desirable employers. The leaders were Microsoft, Amazon and Google.


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