4 reason not to regret money for a smart watch.

Apple Watch is the most controversial product of the era of Tim cook. They do not bring Apple a lot of money (the company does not even disclose the exact sales and revenues), and many users provoke bewilderment.

However, in 4 years, the gadget has gained popularity and Apple, it is not abandoned. This is the explanation. Watch — needle, with which it is impossible to get off. Explain how watches evoke an irresistible addictive.

Alert and silent mode

Let’s just clarify. Watch brilliant not because of design talent johnny Ive or other masters Apple.

Drags in the first place, the format of wearable electronics solves some problems as no smartphone can not because of physical limitations. Watch can’t let go, they suddenly discharged, with them spending most of the day.

That is, getting used to the gadget generates even muscle memory. But of course, not the only one.

The first thing I Watch — eternal stay in silent mode. All notifications and calls are displayed on the watch and the phone in silence lies somewhere nearby in your pocket, backpack or glove box.

To unsubscribe from this excruciatingly difficult — flashing or screaming about a new message, the smartphone is perceived as savagery. In addition, open the brutal truth about the notifications — 90% of them are absolutely and totally useless. For them need not be undermined and irritating all around, to gain the answer.


This field Watch without problems beat the iPhone. Although the smartphone is easy to collect statistics of movements, obtained false — a day not to part with the device is impossible.

At the same time, Watch is working accurately, telling how much you need to burn calories and how many hours have passed without movement. Plus, they constantly monitor the heart rhythm.

At first it seems useless rubbish, but over time makes sense. Create goals for activity, begin to compete with yourself. Plus, with the clock easier to see unhealthy patterns: little mobility, prolonged sitting at a computer, rapid pulse. It is the easiest check for a healthy lifestyle — but don’t ignore it.

Finally, if the Watch will force you to get to the gym, where hours will Shine in full force. Look at the charts heart rate or the amount of burnt calories after the hard lessons is a special treat.

And that’s all — a description of the native possibilities. Third party applications expand the potential for tracking. Perfect example — program to count the water. If habit “to drink 2.5 liters a day,” does not come by itself, you can put the iPhone app — and to celebrate the successes from your watch.

Wireless player

For a long time it seemed that the problem to control music on headphones we don’t get. There were wires, and they — convenient control panels with the ability to switch tracks, rewind and answer a call. Everything has changed: the trend headphones got rid of the wires and (as AirPods) from detailed control.

So, if you knock on the earphone you don’t like — here, too, drastically help the Apple Watch. With them conveniently select tracks or albums to stop play and tweak the volume. Such “remote” on your wrist instantly discourages the habit to reach for a smartphone and access client Apple Music.

Moreover, the watch can be more than just a clever controller. Download available tracks in the internal memory of the device.

Paired with wireless headphones, it means modern Renaissance iPod Shuffle — a tiny music player which is always at hand. To go with this set (Watch +AirPods) Jogging much more comfortable than to wear a smartphone on the uncomfortable fitness straps.

Plus, in the upcoming watchOS 5 will appear and the client to manage the podcasts. Can be downloaded to watch a few audioshow and not worry about the lack of smartphone at hand.

Independence from iPhone

This item figured prominently in the descriptions of the previous benefits because he key.

Clock reduce total screen time. Albeit only slightly, with a dozen releases and a dozen minutes. But this is a significant win that’s worth it.

Instead of dramatically into the digital detox, a little better to break bad habits. If the first will be a mindless desire to reach for a smartphone to check the time and, as a result, to Wake up somewhere in the middle of the tape in Instagram is already very good.

In the new concept of “healthy use” Watch fit perfectly. Moreover, it will probably spur sales hours. Maybe the shipment will reach the level, after which Apple will even agree to talk about the number of copies sold.

However, statistics corporate users are not so important. Significantly, that due to the focus on sports and healthy consumption screen, Apple will not abandon the development hours and software for them. After the actual failure of the first generation Watch, and watchOS 1 this threat was much larger.

The watch, which originally wanted to make the Swiss army knife of 50 instruments, but in a much more specific role. And because of this, have become an indispensable accessory. No matter which role: as a sports tracker, replacement of iPod Shuffle or just a digital chronometer.

The important thing is that if you leave the house without a Watch on your wrist, you feel awkward. The best effect Apple to achieve could not.


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