Apple Watch – the most sold and cool smart watch in the world! But do you really want to give them $ 300? If not, the market is a great analogy.

So what can the Apple Watch to count steps, measure heart rate, show notifications, stream music to bluetooth headphones and, of course, show time. A good set of features, but all the same capable of Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Watch.

Of course, this is not surprising – Xiaomi almost completely copied the Apple Watch. But the company has managed to give the people what could not offer IT-giant: round display small price of 150 dollars and the opportunity to forget about the charging at least four days.

Xiaomi has listened to users, fixed all the shortcomings of Apple, I got rid of all the boring four years of design and clocked up a hundred dollars for the brand. The bottom line: great device. Nevertheless, the apparatus has disadvantages. They are not very much, but still.

Unfortunately, Huami Amazfit Watch don’t look particularly solid – rather it is a sports gadget under the suit, he will not go. But buy another strap can at least a little to rectify the situation. In addition, the interface Amazfit a little slow, but as the smart watch is not a phone that is constantly in the hands, it is not critical.

In any case, if you wanted to buy a smart watch – forget the Apple Watch!

This is a useless gadget worth a good smartphone, which will likely soon be on the shelf as useless. Yeah, maybe Huami Amazfit Watch will not last long on your wrist, but at least you won’t be sorry that spent a lot of money.


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